More and more, brands and businesses are using technology and innovation to create cutting-edge marketing campaigns. At Voices² Marketing, we’re leading the charge, helping our clients develop, design, print and execute industry-leading B2C and B2B initiatives, all leveraging the power of technology-in-print.

Our work includes some of the most innovative examples of near field communication (NFC) technology including beacons and QR codes, as well as LCD video and audio-in-print. The end result is a truly unique customer experience that drives engagement, conversion and massive viral buzz. Whether it’s product packaging or mailers, displays, signs, media kits or other marketing materials, these interactive add-ons will ensure yours is the campaign customers remember.

Branded tech and innovation premiums aren’t just swag, they’re valuable tools in your promotional arsenal. These interactive premiums put your brand and its unique messaging directly in the hands of target consumers, deliveringa high impact experience that captures their attention and inspires them to take action.

Brand a host of tech essentials, perfect for B2C and B2B consumers: