Social Media Marketing

Voices² Marketing designs and implements social media marketing plans that encourage consumer engagement. This involves driving site traffic, boosting sales and building long-lasting connections with quality followers. As a results-driven digital marketing firm, our goal is to ensure your brand has meaningful interactions with its target audience. We accomplish this through the following:

Social Media Strategy

Innovative, targeted social media strategies are the key to strengthening your brand, increasing awareness and connecting with quality prospects. Voices² Marketing will analyze your current approach and help you develop a plan that is best-suited to your target audience.

Social Media Content Creation

Do you want your content to go viral? Do you want to put your brand front and center before hundreds or thousands of prospective clients? Let us help! We can develop eye-catching, valuable content that your clients won’t be able to resist sharing.

Social Media Analytics and Data

Data is, beyond a doubt, one of the most important parts of any social media marketing campaign. This often under-utilized tool is the secret to figuring out how effective – or ineffective – your strategy is. Voices² Marketing will analyze your current campaign and find out who it’s reaching and what’s working (or not!) to enhance your social media presence.

Social Media Influencer Outreach

Once you’ve got stimulating content, the next step is to ensure it reaches the hands – or eyes, in this case – of those who can flood it throughout a variety of social media platforms. This is where our services are invaluable. Voices² Marketing has the resources and know-how to connect your brand with powerful social media influencers that can take your social media campaign to the next level. 

Social Media Advertising

Let Voices² Marketing take the legwork out of managing your ad dollars on social media. We handle analytics, split A/B testing, track ROI and much more. 

Social Media Contest Management

Well-conceived contests are a great way for you to grow your brand, increase visibility and generate data. We’ll help you use this coveted tool to boost your ROI.

Monitoring Inbound Inquiries

Cataloging and handling inbound inquiries, while tedious and troublesome, is integral to providing your clients with high-quality customer service. We’ll solve the problems for you, making sure your critics become your biggest supporters.

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