Print Creative & Advertising

Even if you have the best digital marketing strategy, you’ll still fail to reach some of your target audience. Did you know that about 15% of the American population doesn’t use the internet? That’s why a comprehensive print campaign is integral to your brand’s ability to reach new audiences, boost fundraising and drive change.

Whether you are trying to reach a segment of the population that doesn’t use the internet, or specifically want to reach an audience that read print publications and other material, print advertising is an important medium to create awareness and promote your brand.

Messaging Strategy

A compelling print marketing strategy is a powerful tool for delivering your message to consumers. Luckily, we specialize in developing creative approaches for effectively communicating your brand message to various audiences.

Content Development, Copy and Design

Voices² Marketing will handle every aspect of your print creative campaign from content design and development to distribution. We can develop eBooks, whitepapers, tutorials, product catalogs, brochures, email marketing, newsletters, direct mail, communications, event journals and annual reports.

Marketing Collateral and Point-of-Sale Materials

Regardless of how connected the global marketplace becomes, print point-of-sale content will always have a role to play. Voices² Marketing offers a complete list of marketing collateral and point-of-sale content creation services, including the design and distribution of posters, banners, product packaging, pens and more.

Direct Mail Print and Fulfillment

We offer end-to-end solutions for our client’s direct mail campaigns. That means that once we’ve developed captivating print materials for your brand, we’ll take care of printing and mailing, including the creation of mailing lists.

Design of Social Media Pages

How you portray yourself through social media says a lot about your brand, products and customer service. It is also often overlooked by new and emerging brands struggling to stay relevant in today’s rapidly evolving global market. Take the hassle out of managing your social media presence by employing Voices² Marketing. We will create visually stunning social media pages that your audience will love!

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