Branding & Identity

At Voices² Marketing, the path to your company’s prosperity – whether through online or offline channels – begins with a detailed evaluation of your brand and identity. What does your brand represent? What are the pillars of your business? Basically, what is at your core? We want to find out – or help you find out – WHO and WHAT your brand is all about.

Once we’ve got a concrete vision for your company, we’ll help you translate it into an attention-grabbing marketing strategy that resounds with your current and future customers. Some of the branding services we offer include:

Creating A Vision Statement

Think about the biggest and best brands you know. What makes them great? It’s more than just a pretty name, catchy slogan or enticing product. It’s the fact that their vision is clearly defined, meaningful and a source of inspiration to every person associated with their brand, whether that means encouraging loyalty among customers or enthusiasm in employees. We look forward to helping you define the core ideology of your brand!

Creating A Brand

If you are starting a new company, spinning off from an existing concept, launching a new brand or product line or merging two companies, then creating a new brand should be one of your top priorities. Voices² Marketing will help you define and add value to your new business.

Brand Storytelling

We live in an “always on,” constantly connected society. That means that it is more important than ever for brands to connect and build lasting relationships with their target audience. Today’s consumer wants to know more than what you do – they also want to know how your brand is relevant to their lives, why it matters to them. We’ll help you develop a brand voice and medium for connecting with individuals at every level of your operations, from supply and distribution to clients and investors.

Communications Strategy

There is more to brand communications than messaging – you also have to consider timing, your target audience and medium for deployment. Voices² Marketing offers comprehensive brand communications service, which includes developing and managing every aspect of a message strategy down to deployment.

Brand Voice

Often referred to as verbal identity or verbal expression, brand voice is the flip side of corporate identity. It is the unique tone and manner in which your brand interacts with the public and communicates its business strategy, including what sets it apart from competitors. We’ll put our years of experience and proven track record to work for you to ensure your brand stands out from the crowd!

Creating A Visual Identity

Logo design is integral to creating a memorable visual identity, but really it is just the beginning.

At Voices² Marketing, we’ll create an eye-catching logo for your brand that is easy to remember and recognize. Our team of corporate signature specialists will conduct an in-depth analysis of every aspect of your potential design, ranging from intent and typography to color rendering and iconography, generate a series of options for you to choose from and ultimately help you choose a logo worthy of being the visual representation for your brand.

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